TERO Program

The Fond du Lac Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO) is an employment referral source for Native Americans living on or near the Fond du Lac Reservation. TERO is also there for alleged discrimination occurring on the Fond du Lac Reservation and to assist with protection against unlawful employment discrimination off the Fond du Lac Reservation.

TERO promotes the economic development of the Band and its members through the implementation of the Indian preference standards set forth in this ordinance for employment on or near the Fond du Lac Reservation, and as a condition to all contracts to which the Fond du Lac Band is a party.

TERO actively works with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, local unions and other government entities for on and off reservation construction employment, and training opportunities such as (CDL license, equipment operator, and flagger certification trainings).

Job Seekers

When seeking employment opportunities through TERO, job seekers must register with TERO by completing a TERO registration form and keep in contact with the office on a weekly basis.

Indian Preference by Contractors

All private contractors shall give preference to Indian persons in the hiring, training, and promotional opportunities, and Indian employees are the last to be laid off when similarly employed with non-Indian employees. Every contractor and subcontractor must complete a TERO Compliance Plan for each project and have it approved by the TERO office at least one week before starting any on reservation work. The TERO office will review the submitted Compliance Plan and determine the number of qualified TERO workers for that contractor on that project.

Because the Fond du Lac Reservation has a Right To Work Ordinance, the payrate for TERO workers on prevailing wage projects and/or when working with union contractors shall be the prevailing rate with the fringes paid on their paychecks.

For questions or assistance please call the TERO office at 218-878-7527 or email at tero@fdlrez.com.

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