Tribal Council

The governing body of the Fond du Lac Reservation is the Reservation Business Committee, or Tribal Council, which is composed of a Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer, and Three Representatives; one from District 1, Cloquet; one from District 2 Sawyer; and one from District 3, Brookston. All are elected to four-year terms on a staggered basis with the Chairperson and Secretary-Treasurer also serving as members of the Executive Committee of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe.

Fond du Lac Tribal Council Members

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Kevin DuPuis Sr. - Tribal Chairperson
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Roger M. Smith Sr. - Vice-Chairperson & District III Representative - Ashkibwaakaaning (Brookston)
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Robert Abramowski - Secretary-Treasurer
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Wally Dupuis
Wally Dupuis - District I Representative - Bapashkominitigong (Cloquet)
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Brad Raf Blacketter
Brad 'Raff' Blacketter - District II Representative - Gwaaba’iganing (Sawyer)
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