Home Health Services

The Home Health Services Department is committed to provide our Tribal Community with home health care services in the home-based environment. Independence and security is provided to the tribal member with quality in-home care in an environment that is familiar to them.

The Fond du Lac Assisted Living Residence is committed to making a difference in people’s lives by providing service of the highest quality. FDL Assisted Living provides a home-like nurturing environment which promotes health, independence, and social interaction with other Tribal Elders. We strive to create an environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect. We treat all residents, families, and team members with kindness, and consideration.

The Home Health Services Department understands that the need of care varies from individual to individual. That is why each one of our care plans is customized to fit the individual and can be modified as needs change.

Services Provided

What is Home Care?

Home care is nursing care provided in the home for the purpose of promoting, maintaining, or restoring health, or minimizing the effects of an illness or disability.

The most important goal of Fond du Lac Home Health healthcare is to ensure that all clients, receive high quality, personal, and compassionate care. Home health care is designed to meet these needs by offering personalized services in the client’s home.

When Are Services Available?

Services can be provided between the hours of 8 am - 4:30 pm, Monday thru Friday. Our trained and certified staff, together with the client and their provider, will establish a home care plan designed to reach the client’s goals. This could be recovering from a procedure or simply maintaining good health, and remaining safe and independent in the client’s own home.

  • Doctor’s orders are needed to start care. Once a provider refers a client for home health services, our staff will schedule an appointment and come to the client’s home to talk to them about their needs and ask them some questions about their health.
  • Our staff will continue to talk with the provider about the client’s care and keep the provider updated about their progress.
  • It’s important that our staff see the client as often as the provider ordered.
Nursing Services:

Our registered/licensed nurses provide a range of comprehensive and compassionate in-home services including but not limited to:

  • Nursing evaluations/assessments.
  • Medication management (nurses will order and set up a client’s pills in a pill minder to be given to the client every 1 - 2 weeks per doctor orders).
  • Client and family education.
  • Surgical or wound dressing changes.
  • Communication with the physician.
  • Assist the client) and their family (if needed) to access appropriate health and social services resources.
Health Care Assistant Services:

Our certified nursing assistants work under the supervision of a registered nurse, and provide the care and services agreed upon by the client, their nurse, and their provider.

A health care assistant can enhance a client’s ability to continue to live independently in their home with many different services, such as:

  • Preparing simple meals according to instruction and assist with feeding as necessary.
  • Assisting with bathing, dressing and grooming.
  • Assisting with toileting, including use of bedpan, commode or toilet.
  • Providing in-home respite. This service provides a family caregiver a break from caregiving. It’s a good way for the family member to get away and recharge.
  • Assisting with transfers and ambulation including use of cane, walker and wheelchair.
  • Assisting with medication management by delivering filled medication boxes to the client’s home.
  • Providing routine skin care. They may assist self-directing clients in applying nonprescription topical medications to skin surface.
  • Measuring and recording vital signs.
  • Assisting self-directing clients in performing maintenance exercise programs.
  • Assisting the client to remain mobile, including assistance with physical exercise when prescribed by a health care provider.
  • Completing home safety assessments.
  • Performing home management tasks such as:**
    • Sweeping
    • Mopping
    • Dishes (sink clear/dishes rinsed)
    • Wiping off counters
    • Wiping off appliances
    • Simple meal planning/prep
    • Cleaning bathrooms
    • Laundry assistance
    • Change bed linens
**Home management tasks are for clients who live alone (or live with someone else who cannot provide the assistance for physical reasons) and have difficulty performing these activities. Home management is strictly for the benefit of the client receiving the services, and is only for those rooms that the client uses on a regular basis. The RN determines if the client is appropriate for home management tasks.

Benefits of Services:

  • One of the best benefits of home health care is that it allows clients to receive personal care in the privacy and comfort of their own home.
  • It decreases the risk of developing an infection.
  • It is tailored to the needs of each individual client.
  • It decreases a client’s risk of hospitalization