Medical Services

The Medical Clinic services focus on individual and family wellness through holistically oriented and culturally sensitive care. Clients are encouraged to participate in and understand the decisions about their health care. Highly qualified primary care providers and staff are employed to provide comprehensive outpatient health care. A "primary care provider" is the physician, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant the client designates as his/her main medical care provider.

The primary care providers offer a full range of family medicine services across the life spectrum. Early identification of health problems, prevention of illness and health promotion are stressed at every level.

Medical Services Provided

Acute Care Services

A number of patient medical appointments are available each day for patients’ illness or injuries. Patients seeking same day visits call in to the clinic at 8:00 A.M. and are interviewed by the clinic triage nurse who helps determine an appropriate plan based on the seriousness of the patient medical concern. Whenever possible the patient is matched with his/her primary provider or a member of that provider’s care team. Urgent or emergency medical concerns will be referred to local hospitals or urgent care centers for treatment.


A registered audiologist is available at the Min No Aya Win Human Services Center two half days per month. Services available include hearing testing, hearing aid fittings and maintenance, and screening to detect ear infections that may result in hearing loss.


The FDL physicians refer clients in need of hospitalization to a local hospital, usually the hospital of the client’s choice.

If the client is seen in the emergency room, the client must inform the emergency room doctor that he/she is a client of the Fond du Lac medical care providers. The Fond du Lac clinic doctor on-call will then manage the client’s admission to the hospital. The Fond du Lac doctors will follow the client in the hospital and/or will refer the client to a specialist when appropriate.

Diabetes Program

The Fond du Lac Diabetes Program provides a comprehensive array of services designed to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes, discover diabetes at an early stage so that treatment is started promptly and assure that clients with the long term problems associated with diabetes receive the services they need. Fond du Lac’s Diabetes Education Program is certified by the American Diabetes Association. Fond du Lac has a Diabetes Prevention Program that is part of a national initiative to find and assist (at risk) Indian people to delay or prevent the development of diabetes.

Health Records

Fond du Lac is able to keep more accurate statistics and better serve clients with its state-of-the-art electronic medical records system. Because more information is accessible to providers as they make decisions regarding client care, quality of care is improved. Questions about this system can be addressed to the Medical Clinic Coordinator.

Laboratory Services and X-ray Services

Complete laboratory services are available at both medical clinic sites. Clients may request certain laboratory tests such as cholesterol, blood sugar, HIV screening, and pregnancy. All tests are performed in the FDL lab or sent to a reference laboratory for processing. Results for most tests are returned to the provider within 24 hours.

The Min No Aya Win clinic has a modern and well-equipped x-ray unit staffed by a Registered X-ray Technologist. X-rays must be ordered by a primary care provider and are read by a clinic medical doctor. All x-ray films have a follow-up reading by a licensed radiologist. The CAIR clinic refers clients to the Min No Aya Win Human Services Center and/or local hospitals for x-ray needs.


A Registered Dietitian provides nutrition counseling for a variety of medical conditions that require special diets. Nutrition education and consultation is also provided to various groups and programs on the Fond du Lac Reservation and throughout the service area. The Dietitian plays a key role in the diabetes education and self-management program.


A full range of modern optometry services is available through the Min No Aya Win Human Services Center. An optometrist is available on a part-time basis to perform eye exams and provide referrals. An Optometry Technician is available to dispense eyewear. The Optometry program provides eye exams to Fond du Lac enrolled members free of charge. Enrolled members may purchase eyewear and are provided a discount toward the purchase every 2 years. Clients enrolled with other federally recognized Indian tribes may receive services, but they are billed a fee for their eye exam. They are able to purchase eyewear at wholesale prices if purchased at FDL Optical.

Foot Care

Care of the feet is an important part of self-care for persons with diabetes. Clinic nurses with advanced training provide foot care services at both clinic sites. Foot risk assessments are provided for all patients with diabetes at least yearly and more often if needed. Acute foot problems are given priority in scheduling of patient appointments. Patients needing treatments for more severe foot problems are referred to local podiatry clinics.

Traditional Indian Medicine

Long before the clinic was opened, the Human Services Division included traditional Indian medicine as part of the delivery system. Native practitioners are welcome to see clients in the clinic. It is also possible for staff to refer clients to traditional healers who may practice in their own homes or in the homes of others.

Physical  Medicine

The Physical Medicine services provide specialized services to assist patients’ physical recovery from accidents or injuries. These services are provided at the Min No Aya Win facility.

Physical therapy is provided on site to eligible clients referred by their FDL primary care provider for orthopedic therapy. A registered physical therapist is available to provide treatment and education. Appointments are accepted by referral only.

Massage Therapy is available on a limited basis for patients whose comprehensive plan of care indicates this modality. This service requires a referral from a medical provider.

Chiropractors are available to provide evaluation and treatment using a variety of methodologies. Chiropractic care requires a referral from a medical provider.

Homeopathic Medical Treatment

Homeopathy is a system of medical treatment which uses very small doses of plant, animal, and mineral substances to trigger the body’s healing response. Homeopathic medicines for both acute and chronic health concerns are available in our clinics through a primary care provider with special training in this form of medical care.

Pre-Natal Care

All of our physicians and Certified Nurse Midwives offer this service. A contracted Obstetrician is available at both clinics a half day once a month. Services available include office based obstetrics and gynecological services and consults to our physicians.

Tattoo Removal

This program offers services to patients with visible tattoos that cause obstacles in their life. Tattoos must be visible in areas typically not covered by clothing. Qualifying tattoos include obstacles to healthy relationships, gang related, racial or offensive.